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Protect your pet from weather with a Waterproof Dog Coat


Your canine is as much a part of the family as other human members of the family are and as such, you will want to make sure that he is protected from the weather. Contrary to what some people believe, dog coats are not a preserve of the pampered dogs owned by pet crazy people who call themselves ‘puppy parents’. Even the canines of most no-nonsense people deserve a canine coat to protect them from the weather changes. If you are the kind of person who likes to take your pet out for a walk even on rainy days, you could make your canine a little more comfortable to enjoy the walk with a waterproof canine coat.


Why use a waterproof dog coat?

waterproof dog coatsAside from the aesthetic appeal that comes with dog coats, there are more practical reasons why you need to invest in a waterproof pet coat for your canine. First and foremost, pets get chilled and uncomfortable when the weather is cold just like humans do. Even if they do not catch a cold from being rained on, their fur will take in a lot of water and it will take a considerably long time for the fur to dry. The canine will be soggy and cold for a long time and as such miserable. If you have ever witnessed a cold and rained on pet shiver and curl up, you will feel sorry enough to get your pet a warm and fuzzy waterproof canine coat.


If your dog is old and has arthritic joints, you will save the dog a lot of misery by buying it a waterproof dog coat. The dog coat will keep the pet from the cold that is bound to make him even more uncomfortable. Hairless pets also freeze more easily because they lack the warm protective fur. If you have an old arthritic pet, hairless dog or a dog whose fur you like clipping, a warm fleece dog coat is a very suitable alternative. It is much warmer than the normal dog coat.


Another reason why waterproof dog coats are a necessity rather than a luxury is if you want to protect your upholstery. If you take your canine for a walk out in the rain, chances are that he will shake off the water in the fur in your living room, unless you lock him up in the garage till he is dry; which is not an option for most people. Unless you are intent on having a doggie smell on your couches, you need to invest in a waterproof dog coat.


Choosing a waterproof dog coat

There are several things you should consider when you need to buy a waterproof dog coat. For maximum efficiency, the dog coat should fit your pet in question which translates to a small dog coat for small dogs and large dog coats for larger dogs. It will not make any sense to try and squeeze your large dog into a small coat or vice versa; if anything, the coat will be uncomfortable.



Another factor is the weather. While waterproof dog coats are a good option on rainy days, dog winter coats are a more suitable alternative when in the winter season. This is because they are warm enough to protect the canine from rain, snow and the biting cold. On the other hand, they might be too warm and uncomfortable for your pet on a summer rainy day because the temperatures will be much higher in summer amidst rain.


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