Lively Pets Omega Maxx High Potency Best Fish Oil Dogs Treats Sensitive Skin - Dog Food Healthy Skin Supplement and Omega 3 Dog Fish Oil - Skin and Coat and Heart Health

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NO MORE OILY MESS!!! Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, like those contained in LIVELY PETS OMEGA MAXX, and their benefits for pets, have been extensively studied throughout the years, and the results will amaze you! High potency Omega 3 have shown to: - REDUCE INFLAMMATION CAUSED BY DISEASES SUCH AS OSTEOARTHRITIS OR INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE - It has been shown fish oils higher in DHA than EPA can reduce inflammatory cytokines, protein molecules that are responsible for causing inflammatory responses (pain, swelling, soreness, etc.) -IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTION - DHA is a primary structural component of the brain and multiple studies have trialed DHA for controlling Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (the doggy form of alzheimers.)-REDUCE DERMATITIS AND ALLERGIES, IMPROVING COAT HEALTH - Omega-3 essential fatty acids can alleviate the inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) caused by allergies, fleas, scratching, etc. as well as improve the "shine" of the coat, leading to an overall healthier looking coat.-HEALTHY CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM - Omega-3 essential fatty acids can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood, which can help promote a healthy heart and significantly reduce the risk of heart trouble and stroke.-SLOWS CANCER GROWTH AND IMPROVES RESPONSES TO TREATMENT - One study found DHA was able to inhibit the growth of colonial cancer cells, EPA and DHA have also both been shown to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Trials into the effect of omega-3 essential fatty acids on cancer are still relatively new however. Let LIVELY PETS help you keep your best friend feeling and Looking healthier than ever!

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  • TIRED OF BUYING EXPENSIVE DOG FOOD for DRY SKIN? - Commercial dog foods do not contain all the necessary ingredients your dog needs in order to keep him/ her looking and feeling great. Stop buying that expensive DOG FOOD and supplement his regular diet with our DOG TREATS for SENSITIVE SKIN. Our Fish Oil Omega 3 soft chews contain high amounts of EPA and DHA to keep your pets skin and coat healthy!
  • HEART HEALTH - Just like in humans, Omega 3 fatty acids from sources like SALMON OIL and FISH OIL help to lower blood triglycerides and reduces risk of stroke or heart problems in your pet!
  • POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT - Studies have shown that cancer can reproduce at accelerated rates when over-oxidation occurs. Likewise, it has shown that people and pets that eat a diet high in anti-oxidants or supplement with them, have a much lower cancer risk. AS SEEN ON TV! Our Omega Maxx chews are now a part of the "As Seen on TV" Family!
  • FISH OIL for DOGS: OMEGA 3-6-9 for DOGS; HEALTHY SKIN AND GLISTENING COAT - When your dog or cat consumes the nutrients and oils his body needs, it increases the amount of oils that his skin produces, hydrating those itchy, dry splotches and reducing his dandruff. These oils are what makes his coat look shiny and healthy; And a healthy coat sheds much less!
  • HIP AND JOINT SUPPORT - One of the many beneficial attributes of Omega 3 fatty acids, is its anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing the inflammation in your pets hips and joints can help them move easier and with less pain! NO MORE OILY MESS!!!
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AEL Legacies LLC is not responsible for any harm that comes to pets or their owners as a result of misuse of this or any other "LIVELY PETS" brand products. ALWAYS consult your vet before using this or any other product.
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Lively Pets Omega Maxx High Potency Best Fish Oil Dogs Treats Sensitive Skin - Dog Food Healthy Skin Supplement and Omega 3 Dog Fish Oil - Skin and Coat and Heart Health
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