What to know about Small Dog Coats

Raise warmer and happier pets with small dog coats


Small dog coats are very popular in the market and finding a coat for your pet is no longer a hard task. For a long time, dog coats were not an option for many people. They were either the preserve of pampered pooches or too complex and unfashionable for dogs to wear them comfortably. Times have changed greatly however. In this age, getting a dog coat for your small canine is no longer a luxury but a necessity; that is unless you are intent on letting your beloved pet freeze to death during winter.


Why should you get a small dog coat?

small dog coatThere are several reasons why you need to spend on a dog coat especially for your small pet. First on the list is to protect your dog from extreme cold. Most people are of the opinion that dogs have fur which helps them to preserve heat when it is cold. While this may be true, it is harder for dogs to keep warm in extremely cold seasons. They get chilled easily especially if they are sickly or hairless and as such need to keep warm to protect them from succumbing to hypothermia.


As the name suggests, you will only be looking for a small canine coat if you have a small pet like the Chihuahua or Yorkie. These small dogs are even harder to keep warm during winter than large dogs. Due to their small size, they lack enough fat to act as heat insulation in cold weather so they are not able to preserve as much heat. They get cold and chilled easily and they can easily become hypothermic. The only way to protect your valued Chihuahua or Yorkie is by the use of a small dog coat.


The second reason has to do with fashion. As aforementioned, in previous times, people would not look at dog coats twice. A small dog coat was some pieces of rags sewn together to make a make-shift cold barrier that was very uncomfortable for the canine to wear. What is more, getting this coat on the pet was more of a task than even making the coat itself. You had to put your canine in a particular position or pin it down to get the coat on it. For most people, the hassle was just too much. However, that is no longer the case.


Dog coats and especially small dog coats have become more fashionable over time. The coats in the market are friendly both to the pet and even to the person putting the coat on the dog. They have adjustable straps and Velcro to fit onto the dog without making him uncomfortable. What is more, it is no longer a one size fits all boring and rag-like design. Dog coat manufacturers manufacture different sizes of pet coats so that getting the right pet coat size for your small dog is not difficult. In addition, you can choose a dog coat pattern of your liking from the many different patterns available.


Finding a small dog coat for your small dog has never been easier. As a matter of fact, small canine clothes line are some of the most elaborate dog clothing lines there are. They offer different patterns and colors at very favorable prices and they are easily accessible either through physical store shopping or catalogue shopping.


You no longer have to watch your little Chihuahua or Yorkie freeze to death in the name of lack of fashionable pet clothes. All you have to do is click here to access the widest and most elaborate small canine dog collection there is.


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